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"There is a legend among our people--That if one were to swim through the deepest, blackest, most crushing depths of the sea, on the other side of all that darkness...there is light."

Long ago, the goddess of the sea drowned the world in her tears, but took pity upon the mortals that walked its surface. The four faces of the goddess became four separate peoples, but from that day they have scarcely met, each knowing the other races exist only from legend.

Far in the north live the Nenet, the representation of the sea's storms and unfathomable wrath and power.

In the shallow kelp beds live the Mu'etti, the representation of the bounty of life to be found in the ocean.

Deep deep below the water's surface are the Loremna'tat, the representation of the sea's mysteries and how no mere mortal can ever hope to comprehend it.

And among the warm tropical islands live the nomadic Ame'sol, the representation of the winds of change and that only those attuned to the winds may ever even get an inkling of what the sea might do next.

But for as different and spread apart as these peoples may be, they all share a common foe: the Pena--creatures that have been corrupted by the essence of fear itself. In these dark times, four runaways find themselves thrown together. Each has a personal reason for wanting to see the Pena menace done away with for good, and fueled by the belief that they were divinely chosen to end these monsters once and for all, they head out into the deep unknown to save the Four Peoples from the shadows that haunt them.

But before these four strangers can ever hope to defeat a monster, they'll have to figure out how to just get along with one another first. Though they all speak the same language, there seems to be an awful lot lost in translation going on around here.

The winds of change are upon us. Let the hunt begin.


Genre: Friendship/Adventure


~Features planned for the full game ~
-It'll be free! And you get a bonus internet hug from me for taking the time to play it!
-Very simple stat system for relationships and survival skill points
-7 Bonus scenes complete with CGs for maxing these stats.
-Completely optional romantic 'love confession' scenes that can be added onto any 'good' ending if the conditions are met--Because why not? Or everyone can just stay friends and there will be a scene and CG for that too!
-No 'one right way' to get the best ending, there are lots of combinations to get you there, every person will have a different experience playing through.
-Should be ridiculously easy to 'win'--This is my first game, I don't want to give myself a headache so I won't give you one either.

-Nine chapters long, the first two chapters are what comprise the demo.



--Take caution with the music volume, especially headphone users. A few of the tracks I've selected pack a punch when they start.

--The full game will have a lot more choices to make, but the first two chapters are still setting the stage for all of that. They do contain the two types of choices that will occur most often: how Makani will spend her time--potentially raising her survival skill and relationships, and how Makani will react to the cultures of the other characters--potentially raising/lowering relationship points.

--The demo includes some backgrounds I made earlier on in the project but they should/will be updated for the game's full release.

--If someone is willing to test the Mac file to see if it works and then tell me what to add it to the installation instructions, I'd really appreciate it (I know no one that owns a Mac, sadly).

--Warnings for mild violence, mentions of blood, and flippant threats of cannibalism. Full game will also include scenes of the characters hunting, which may bother some of my fellow animal lovers.


~For Feedback~

After playing this demo, I'd love to pick your brains some! You can either comment here or contact me via whatever website you know me from.
For best results, please write down your initial thoughts before you look at/answer my questions below.

Done? Okay!

--Anything unclear that you wish had been better explained or would expect to be explained as the story goes along?

--What expectations do you have based on the premise, description, and demo?

--Do you like Makani? Is she a protagonist you're willing to root for?

--Got a favorite character?

--Would you want to play through the rest of the story?

--Anything that just needs fixing?

Install instructions


1. Extract the zip file and put it somewhere easy to find. I, for example, have a folder on my desk top where I drop all the visual novels I want to play!

2. Find the 'Application' file within titled "The_Deep_Unknown_Demo" and double-click.






The_Deep_Unknown_Demo_v.2-win.zip (48 MB)
The_Deep_Unknown_Demo_v.2-mac.zip (47 MB)


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Hello there! :) I just saw this on LSF. I think it looks very interesting (I love, love, love stories of the sea~) but unfortunately, I can't play it because I don't have Win. Is there any chance you'll be releasing this on Mac, too? :)


I'm happy to hear you are interested :D I do plan to release on Mac eventually, I'm just waiting for one or two people to get back to me and make sure it works. There have already been some issues with the Mac version that I wasn't aware would be a problem, so I didn't want to release it until the little wrinkles get smoothed away.

Alright, I'll be waiting! :)

I've just played this little demo, and I must say I really love this game. I really like games set in oceanic worlds, and unfortunately, this isn't something I come across very often. It's also nice to see how different are the main characters one from another! I like the different shapes, sizes and all that stuff.

The story seems very cool so far - got me very intrigued, and I want to know what'll happen next!

As for your questions:

--Anything unclear that you wish had been better explained or would expect to be explained as the story goes along?

Well, it seems pretty clear to me so far - of course some things are a mystery yet, but that's not unclear, simply not explained yet, like what is Riu's backstory with the Pena, since he said he wasn't involved with one "directly" and stuff like that.

--Am I too wordy? I know this is a problem I've had in the past (look, I'm even rambling now!).

I don't think so?

--Do you relate to Makani? And even if you don't relate to her, is she at least a protagonist you're willing to root for?

I don't really relate to the characters I'm playing in games, but yeah, she clearly is a protagonist I love and root for. She's really great! You know one thing I hate? When visual novel creators want to make a "strong female protagonist" at all cost, and she ends up being a cold badass capable of anything, wich is just as flat as the dense clumsy maiden. Here the protagonist is a warrior, sure, but she's well balanced and I like it.

--Got a favorite character?

Riu! He's so cool and cute in a way! I loved him since the moment I saw him!

--Would you want to play through the rest of the story?

Hell yes!

--Anything that just needs fixing?

Some minor typos and things like that, I believe. But I can't say for sure for all of them since my english isn't that good.

Overall that was a great experience, and I'll be stalking this page for future updates and new chapters!

Thank you for making such a nice game!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed the demo!

The characters were a lot of fun to design, I'm glad you like them! And I'm really happy to hear that you think Makani is a balanced character (we don't want any boring flat protagonists around here!). I'll go back over the code and script after November, a few people by now have told me on other sites that there are some typos to fix and there are some other details I need to clear up and polish I think too.